Opening up about my U2 fandom and playing another round of Fantasy A&R with U2's two most recent albums.
My first concert in more than 3 years is getting to see my favorite musician of all-time, and he did not disappoint.
To get this exercise started, in which I identify my Top 25 favorite songs by the Grateful Dead, I’m going to start with some songs from Jerry Garcia’s…
My attempt to boil down the (explicitly) Christian phase of Dylan's career into one album entitled Get Saved!
Starting an ongoing series in which I count down my 25 favorite Dead songs, beginning with a list of honorable mentions featuring songs associated with…
You knew I was going to have some thoughts about Bruce Springsteen's latest record, which is one full of soul and R&B covers.
My favorite music writer takes on one of the great rock bands of the 90s and beyond
Putting together a single album from the multiple releases of the Boss' lost 90s years.
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