Thanks for putting this on my radar; it sounds like a great book! I would've gone in looking for something more biographical too (I'm specifically curious about the "middle" era of the band when records like Riot Act & No Code were released).

It's interesting to me that they've had such an outsized influence on music, but also seem just under the radar no matter how many millions of records they've sold. I mean, outside of Seattle, I'm willing to bet Mike McCready or Stone Gossard could walk into a store unrecognized.

I hadn't given much thought to The Who's influence on them, but now that you mention it, I think(??) they've played a track by the band each time I've seen them. One was a killer version of Baba O'Riley with Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen at a show in Milwaukee. I'm off to Setlist to see if I can confirm that.

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